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OVERVIEWThe purpose of this paper is to further analyze and discuss the challenges associated with themanagement of fire services personnel. For the purposes of this paper, you may focus onchallenges such as recruitment, hiring, retention, training, attrition, etc. While you may tie thispaper into the first Research Paper, be sure not to dwell on the information provided in the firstpaper. This work should consist of entirely new information where you might, at most, draw anexus to the legislation discussed previously.INSTRUCTIONSAll papers must be completed through the lens of a Biblical Worldview where you willincorporate appropriate biblical passages and/or resources. The paper must be completed incurrent APA formatting and consist of at least 1500 words of text (excluding all title andreference pages). No abstract is required. In addition to the Bible and the course text, all papersmust utilize at least 5 current (published within the last five years) outside scholarly sources tosupport evaluation an analysis. At a minimum, the following sections are required as content-related graded criteria:? Introductiono Provide a brief introduction about the key elements in the paper.? Challenges (Overview)o Provide an in-depth discussion of the myriad of specific managementchallenges within the fire services and their impact upon management.o Preliminary research must be conducted using practitioners, governmentsources, articles, etc., to identify and support the problem. The backgroundmust include citations from these sources to support your position andproblem statement.? Literature Reviewo Provide an in-depth discussion of relevant scholarly literature addressingspecific management challenges within the fire service and their impact uponmanagement.o The literature review is a critical component of a proposal. This sectionhighlights what has been achieved related to your topic. Answer the followingquestions:? What are some of the common challenges faced by leadership?? What do you perceive as the greatest challenge to leadership andwhy?? What does the research bear out regarding this selected challenge?? What were the conclusions?? What do researchers agree or disagree about?? What are the central themes and arguments in current literature?? What is missing from current literature?o Scholarly articles are required. Although some information from governmentsources may be used sparingly, approximately 80% of the review shouldincorporate recent scholarly articles (published within the last 5 years).FIRE 330Page 2 of 2o Do not state your opinion in this section. All information provided must beproperly cited and must be from quality academic sources. To achieve this,use direct quotations, paraphrases, and synthesized information from multiplesources. For example, this statement synthesizes the opinions of 4 scholars:“Researchers have argued that disaster planning is critical to minimizing thenegative effects for emergency responders (Brown, 2010; Caldwell, 2009;Moore, 2011; Stanley, 2008).”? Problem Statement (Legislation)o Provide an in-depth discussion of one major piece of legislation that mostimpacts fire service management. The problem statement will describe thesituation and present issues as well as identifying one or more problematicissues. The problem statement must be clear and concise (approximately 250words).? Biblical Integrationo Review the Announcement on Scriptural and Biblical Worldview Applicationfor guidance.? Conclusiono Summarize your findings. What are the key points in the literature withregards to how it impacts the management of fire services personnel?o What type of further research is needed? What or who should be studied (e.g.,fire chiefs, emergency responders, citizens, etc.)? What geographic area willbe studied (if any)? Explain why you chose these elements.o Why is it important to study this topic? How might this topic impactleadership in the fire services? Are there any potential issues with studyingthis topic?Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.Comments from CustomerDiscipline: Fire Adminstation

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