Identify and describe the factors that lead to effective conflict resolution

microbiology multi-part question and need support to help me learn.You will choose a laboratory test and follow it from the patient to the returned result, describing each step as learned in the four weeks of class.Title PageIntroduction- What is the test, what is the purpose of the test, any special requirements for collection, any regulations for the collector.Pre-analytic: What happens when the test gets to the lab. How is it processed?Analytic: How is the test performed? Test methodology, equipment used, operator requirements, lab operations requirements.Post analytic: What happens after the test is run? How is it validated, how is it released to the ordering physician.Describe current applicable legislation.Define a lab budget for your test.Discuss, marketing, communication and pricing strategies for the test and your labDiscuss personnel considerations including communication, conflict resolution.References (minimum of 4 total)Total length should be approximately 7-10 pages, Times New Roman 12 pt. typeface. Use APA format conventions, double spaced with one-inch margins on each side.

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