Part One minimum of 175 words Building on the topics of content standards, resou

Part 1 – In 1-2 pages (or in 4-8+ Slides of a PPT/Google Slides presentation), please explain what YOU, as an emerging psychologist, think needs to be taken into account when talking about or assessing an adolescent person’s mental health and wellness.Please Include the following in your assignment & cite any sources that you use*:Please identify at least 1 modern perspective of psychology that you are incorporating into your response and briefly state what that perspective is. You can identify up to 7 perspectives you are drawing from.Many of you will be incorporating more than 1 perspective. That’s great! You can identify as many as you think are relevant.The primary source for this section should be your textbook: See “Psychological Approaches” – from Week 1.Please identify the factors that you think are important to take into account for an adolescent’s mental health. Include a brief paragraph and/or slide on each FACTOR you think plays a large part in mental health and well being.Here are *some* (but not all) factors that are connected to particular perspectives you may consider, including: genetics, social structures like school or work, interpersonal relationships (e.g., romantic, friendships, colleagues, etc.), family environments, physical health, personal responsibilities (e.g. caregiving, bills, etc.), structures @ large in society (e.g., racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc), the economy, rules or laws, social expectations, social media, music, privacy/independence, the pandemic, how high one’s rent is, the environment, the weather, availability of food….AND SO MANY MORE. THESE ARE ONLY A FEW EXAMPLES!Part 2For this final is about how you would create a care plan and address different aspects of their wellness. AND – about how you think their portrayal on screen impacts adolescents in real life.To do this, please engage in these 3 separate parts:Please write 1-2 pages detailing the case study you have chosen. Include at least 1 page on factors that you think are contributing to, or otherwise influencing, the fictional character. These factors can be influencing the character in positive, negative, or complex ways. Please explicitly include the social context (review course materials for a refresher on what a social context is).Please write a 1-2 page “care plan” including things to consider beyond a clinical treatment plan for the fictional adolescent case study.What exactly do I mean by this? For this fictional person, what would you recommend that the person pursue for treatment and/or what should be considered as you think about how to attend to their mental health and well-being?Please note that in your response, it might not be the person as an individual who needs to “change” or adjust – BUT that it might actually be that the conditions need to change. You are welcome to suggest that conditions changing might help – for example: “I think that having reliable access to psychotherapy would help [this character] and others because ….” Or “I think that being able to take a car to work everyday and being reasonably safe and secure in their job would help this [this character] and others because…”Please write 1 page on what you think the IMPACT of seeing this portrayal on TV/movies is for real-life adolescents. Is this a positive portrayal? Relatable? Negative? And/or some combination of all of the above?Reflect explicitly on how this portrayal contributes to and/or works against stigma about mental health. Include at least one source for Part C to support your argument.

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