One of the concepts you studied this week was the product life cycle. Consider n

Overview: You will write an approximately 6-7 pages paper about your topic of choice from the list of topics below. The list of topics provides a loose guideline for what to focus on in your paper. However, each paper on the same topic may differ, as it will be up to you do decide what to focus on in your particular paper, and how to best structure your paper. For example, under the topic of Myth or Reality, there are several questions listed. If you’d like to write about this topic, you could choose to focus only on a few of these questions. You will need to include at least 4 recent scientific articles that pertain to your topic.When Taking Tests, Stick with Your First Instinct.Psychology is a science that directly applies to your life. Researchers have critically examined this popular test-taking advice, but what do you think? Should you change your answers or not? What are some of the research findings in this area and which strategy do they support?Your paper should not be less than 6 pages or longer than 8 pages. This page count does not include the title page or references.You must submit:An online copy of your paper, written in APA style. Your paper should include an introduction and a conclusion.An APA 7th edition style title page and reference page. Your reference page should include all resources used to find information in your presentation.

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