Module 3: The Impact of Big Business Discussion: Growing Up with a Start-Up Disc

NSTRUCTIONSThe ancient Roman Empire had wealth, power and was the most dominant empire up to this timein Western Culture. The imperial city of Rome had a Colosseum entertaining 50,000 people at atime, thermal baths for the public and architectural buildings that were second to none. It had anexcellent road system across the Empire and a network of aqueducts to move millions of gallonsof water across hundreds of miles. The Roman Empire stretched from England to Africa and asfar as the Middle East. It was truly a force to be reckoned with and from all appearances youcould assume that all of its citizens shared in this wealth and power. But what about the poor?Review the item Read: A Christians Responsibility to the Poor found in the Learn section ofModule 4: Week 4. After you have read the essay, express your views on some of these issues.What do you feel is the responsibility of the State to provide for the poor? Should there be awealth distribution requiring the wealthy to provide for the poor? What is the responsibility ofChristians to help the poor?

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