Instructions All students will complete Case 14: Assessing the Value and Impact

M??????????????????????y previous order number was 82690148 and the professor just checked it out and made this comment.**************What is needed is not what is presented. I need you to talk about supervision, not therapy. For this assignment, talk about what you and the supervisor/supervisee would be discussing in relation to the cases presented. Talk about the supervision models, not the therapy models. Discuss the important aspects of supervision related to culture, ethics, etc. for the second case, not therapy intervention.********Here’s he background of this class… Supervision and ConsultationThe course provides a critical overview of the conceptual and empirical literature on clinical supervision and consultation from the perspective of the trainee/supervisee. Models, approaches, techniques, relationship and process issues, and ethical and legal considerations are addressed. An opportunity to develop self-awareness as well as conceptual knowledge and skills related to personal styles of supervision and consultation is presented.By the end of the course you should be able to:Evaluate the various models of supervision.Examine professional roles in the supervisor/supervisee relationship.Identify the qualities and skills that effective supervisors and supervisees possess.Recognize ethical and legal considerations in supervision and consultation.Discuss the relevance of multicultural competence in supervision and consultation.And here’s the assignment belowAll assignments MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and must be written at graduate level English. You must integrate the material presented in both course texts and cite your work according to APA format. Outside sources may be used to enhance, but not replace, the text material. Culture and legal/ethical information must be considered when relevant.Your entire assignment should be 8 pages total plus a title and reference pageAdamYou have been working with Adam, a very bright, 12-year-old boy of African-American descent. Adam has been in therapy with his parents for his problematic school behavior. During an individual session, he reveals that he hates his father but loves his mother and will stick by her and protect her. He says he is trying to get his parents separated by playing tricks on his father. He tells how he placed an earring in the car, a blond hair on his father’s coat, and slight traces of lipstick on his father’s shirt. His mother, he says, is getting terribly suspicious and she and his father quarrel over it frequently.

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