read articles (attached and links below) and answer questions Links https://www.

Please write all your three answers in a separate word processing document. Please submit all your answers in one word (.doc or .docx) or pdf (.pdf) document using and please put your name in that document and number your pages.Do not copy the questions into your answer document but make sure to indicate which questions you are answering (for the essay choices).Read the questions carefully and address all the parts of the questions you choose to answer. Please choose 3 out of the 4 choices. Draw your answers from the information in the readings/class notes/videos when applicable. You do not need to cite your sources in the text or at the end of your exam. If you are including information from a syllabus reading, please mention the author in your answer text.For every question, please write about 1.5-2 pages double-spaced, answers 12 font. Write your answers in sentences and paragraphs, and make sure to break your answers into different paragraphs.CHOOSE THREE QUESTIONS TO ANSWER AMONG THE BELOW FOUR QUESTIONS1) What is “democratic peace”? (3 points) Define this argument and explain the different types of causal mechanisms (reasoning) behind it. (15 points) Does it mean democracies never fight wars? Why or why not? (3 points) Which general IR theory is it most associated with? (2 points) If many countries experience democratic backsliding, what can this mean for world peace? Discuss. (3 points)2) Think of a recent international development (from news or from course or section discussions, etc.) between two (or more than two) states or a development concerning an international organization and briefly summarize it. (5 points) Then choose one of the theories we covered – realism, liberalism, or constructivism. Briefly summarize that theory you chose. (6 points) Then explain the international development you chose (in the first part of the question) from the perspective of the theory you chose. Why is that theory suitable to explain that international development? Make sure to include this in this last part. (15 points)3) What is the time period that characterizes the US – Soviet Union rivalry called? (4 points) What are – approximately – the beginning and end years for this period? (2 points) Explain the major characteristics of this period, and some events that led to the end of this period. There were two major alliances in the world during that time. What were they called? (15 points) Does one or both of those alliances survive to this day or not? How? Explain. How has one of these alliances transforming recently? Explain giving specific information. (5 points)4) What are the three different levels of analysis in IR? First, list these three levels of analysis and what they entail/what is considered when using each of these levels for understanding international issues. (5 points) What are some causes of interstate war, at these levels of analysis? Elaborate, referring to each of these levels of analysis (15 points). Do you think these causes of war at different levels can exist at the same time? Why or why not? Be specific in your reasoning. (6 points)

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