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Please response to my classmates disscussion post this is what they wrote:As stated by Skaggs et. al, (2017) “Patient satisfaction and patient experience goals are often linked to financial consequences.” The hospital is reimbursed based on their score. Although that is an important factor to be considered, quality patient care still remains the main focus. As noted by Baummer – Carr & Nicolau, (2017) “Patient satisfaction is a key goal of healthcare organizations and presents some challenges to providing quality patient care.” The unit I work on does not refer to it as patient satisfaction scores, they refer to it as likelihood to recommend scores. Our latest score was 60.8, which is a difference of 6.8% from last year. In 2021 our score was 67.6%. The different measures in place include improving call bell response times, hourly rounding, the use of nurse liaisons to assess patient satisfaction daily, the use of the patient family care center, and increased communication between doctors and nurses to satisfy patient requests and demands. What I think has been beneficial in increasing patient satisfaction is hourly rounding because it gives the patients a sense of being looked after and their needs being met in a timely manner. As stated by Francis et al., (2019) “Patients feel safe and confident about their care, there is a reduction in patients’ use of call bells and adverse events such as falls, medication errors and patient deterioration are prevented.”Something that I think would help improve patient satisfaction in our unit is the use of AIDET. I had never heard of this before, and from what I have read it helps the patient feel heard by keeping them informed. The acronym stands for Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explanation, and Thank you. I had an experience getting an epidural and the doctor did not introduce himself nor explain what I should expect. I had never had an epidural before and he was just in and out before I could understand what was going on. I was left on the table without any further instructions and in excruciating pain. That is why this acronym stands out to me. A program implemented by Sandin et al which integrated the use of AIDET and was cited by Burgener, (2017) reinforced the objective that with the use of AIDET as a framework to strengthen interaction with the patients it “promotes safety, quality outcomes, reduces patient and family anxiety, and increases patient satisfaction.” It was also found that if this framework were implemented within a healthcare organization the patient experience and satisfaction can be greatly enhanced. I know that I do four out of five of the acronym steps consistently. I can rarely do the duration part because the hospital setting is too unpredictable and if you give a patient a timeframe they hold you to it. Patient satisfaction is an important factor in healthcare, and it needs to be thoroughly understood while executing the appropriate measures to accomplish full gratification. As Baummer – Carr & Nicolau, (2017) well stated “attention must be directed so that these interventions do not adversely influence the efficiency or quality of care.”FYI: THIS WAS THE PROFESSOR ORIGNIAL INSTRUCTIONS ON POST JUST SO YOU CAN HAVE AN IDEA:Read the Module 5 assigned articles and review the literature regarding patient satisfaction and the HCAHPS survey. The following website will be helpful in understanding what the HCAHPS survey entails.Important Note: If you do not work in a hospital setting, please use this activity to compare and contrast the patient satisfaction survey process with a key measure of consumer satisfaction in your own environment.Determine the following from your own institution:What are the most recent patient (consumer) satisfaction scores for your assigned unit?Are the recent scores improved from the previous ones?Interview nursing peers at your agency to determine measures being used to improve patient satisfaction.What measures have been beneficial in increasing patient satisfaction?What additional measure would you like to see implemented?After collecting this information, present your findings in your conclusion in this discussion post.

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