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Negligence Discussion Post: 137wordsNegligence can happen at anytime. Whenever you have the best meaning individual moving along with theirlives and an accident happens, it is possible to have liability assigned tothat individual. Negligence is the “ambulance chaser’s” dream. It does notrequire pre-meditation, the burden of proof in a civil trial is meerly a“Preponderance of the evidence”, and the rewards can be substantial.Mela, a customer in Target,walks down an isle and there is a goob of a liquid on the floor. The staff atTarget is required to check the isles every half an hour to make sure that thereare not any dangers to the customers as they shop. Mela is walking to shop fora vacuum cleaner and is looking up at the choices and the prices of the goods.As she is moving, she slips on the goob and injures her ankle, requiringmedical attention. The staff at Target then examine her and determines thatthere is an injury. The staff then call an ambulance for Mela. It comes, and onthe way to the hospital, is hit by a drunk driver on the road, damaging Mela aswell as the medics in the ambulance with lacerations and broken bones. Mela ishaving a bad day and would like to know who to sue and how much can she get forher injuries.My Questions Are:Question # 1: Can Mela sueTarget for the bad day that she is having?Question # 2: Can Mela sue thedrunk driver for all of her injuries?Question # 3: Can Target providea defense against Mela’s lawsuit to reduce damages?Question # 4: In a contributorynegligence state, can Mela gain any recovery for her injuries if she was notlooking where she was walking?Question # 5: Does Mela assumethe risk of slipping on a goob of liquid on the floor is she decides to shop ina Target store?Intellectual Property DiscussionPost: 137 wordsSo there is abeautiful product in a car called an “Energo”. This car’s only motorhas been created through the industrious and fortuitous advances of CeleronTechnologies. The “Energo” is the world’s first car that usesoptionally either hydrogen, a battery, or solar if needed to powerthe vehicle. This is the vehicle that has the world looking forward to usingrenewable fuels as the main energy source in the world.The “Energo” hasbeen made by an entrepreneur named Tom Reginald, who is the CEO of Celeron.Tom has ideas for the world that wants to improve it, bring it throughthe 21st century that repudiates the 20th century’s dependence on oil, andcreates a car of beauty and grace in the creation of this product.Tom wants the car to not onlyuse renewable fuels in his “masterpiece”, he also wants the car to befast. He has created the car to move from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds and have a lavishinterior that has all of the technological advancements inside of it. He hasalso changed the “point of sale” to be unique to the car industry. Hehas created a “mall” type of store where one car will be in a shop witha salesman that tells people about the car. The car is then bought onlinespecial order and not taken off of a lot.Ford has heard about this newbusiness model and has seen some impressive sales numbers. Ford begins buyingstores in popular malls, puts one or two new models with salesmen, and evencreates its own car that is a a renewable fuel car that has some speed andtechnology inside of it. Ford begins taking orders online for new vehiclepurchases. Celeron technologies sues Ford for patent infringement in similartechnologies that can use hydrogen, electricity, or solar power, copyrightinfringement in the original idea of selling cars in auto malls and making thepoint of sale the internet, and also on trademark infringement in thelikelihood of confusion for consumers in selling such vehicles over theinternet.My Questions are:1. What is patentable? Assumingthat Celeron has the patent on their car technology that uses several renewablefuels to power it, can Celeron sue Ford for patent infringement and win?2. Does Celeron has a copyrightin the design of the “Energo” that is used for cars that have suchnew technology? Can Celero sue Ford for copyright infringement?3. Can Celero sue for Trademarkinfringement?4. What kinds of remedieswould Celero have against Ford if these actions were to be successful?

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