Objectives The student will be able to analyze an organizational task/scenario a

Overall, you will pick out 5 ideas, concepts, quotes, etc. from the two Connie Podesta video presentations. These should be related to communication content, conflict content, gender, and conflict content, etc. Submit 5-10 ideas and get them reviewed and approved by the instructor. Each video should be represented in the final paper.For your paper, you will need an introductory paragraph (10 points), 5 body paragraphs (80 points), and a conclusion (10 points).For each body paragraph:1) Explain why the information is important to you from a communication perspective. (5 points for each concept paragraph) 25 points total2a) Connect/integrate theoretical/conceptual material from the text chapters for each of the five points. (5 points for each paragraph=25 points.2b) the paper must have a minimum of 5 citations; (more citations are welcome) 15 points total for 5 high quality citations.3) Using a PERSONAL EXAMPLE (PE), demonstrate/describe how this information fits in with what you are learning about how to handle conflict in your relationships at home, at work, etc.? Or give an example of when you used or did not use or should have used this concept. (2 points for each body paragraph; minimum of 5 examples/applied situations needed) 15 points total

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