Need to write a Positive and respectful replay for the below post ( 150 words ma

One of you will be a coat owner whose coat was damaged by the dry cleaners. The othernegotiation partner will be the dry cleaning store owner. The two of you will be negotiatingwhat action should be taken regarding the damaged coat.Coat owner statement: “The coat was in worse condition when I picked it up then when Ibrought it in. The lining shrunk because of the incompetence of this dry cleaner and now Icannot wear it. It looks awful. I want the cleaner to pay for replacing the coat.”Dry cleaner store owner statement: “I washed the coat the way the instructions said. It is notmy fault. The coat has a cheap lining in it. I see this all the time. The manufacturers owe you anew coat or replace this one. You will not get a dime out of me.”IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t forget that you are required to fill out (big sheet) all seven elements on onesheet for your BATNA, Interests, Options, etc. Then you must fill out a second sheet listing yourprojections of what your negotiation partner’s BATNA, Interests, Options, might be. So do notforget, you will be turning in 2 separate documents: one for you based on your perspectives,and one you fill out for (projecting) your negotiation partner’s perspective

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