Overview This exercise will assess your knowledge of computing E&P, shareholder

OverviewThere are many tools to evaluate implicit biases, such as surveys and tests. The most popular is the Implicit Association Test, or IAT, which measures association between concepts and evaluations or stereotypes. This test, which was created by Anthony Greenwald and his colleagues, is an online test that is available to the public through Harvard University and has several adaptations, including a Gender-Career IAT, Disability IAT, Age IAT, and others. Although you are not required to complete the IAT for this assignment, feel free to explore the tests and their descriiptions.For this assignment, you will be completing a “Comfort in Social Situations” survey and reflecting on your results. The results of this survey may help identify any implicit biases you may have and how they may impact your communication in the criminal justice field.PromptFor this journal assignment, complete the Comfort in Social Situations Worksheet from the Breaking the Prejudice Habit website. You do not need to share your results or hand in this worksheet; this is for your personal reflection only.Once you receive your results, reflect on them. Were you surprised at the results, or were they what you had expected? What factors or experiences may have contributed to how you responded to the scenarios? Compare your results to your journal response from Module One. Do your results align with the personal factors from Loden’s Wheel that you identified in that journal assignment? Next, identify any implicit biases that you may have, based on your survey results, and any known explicit biases. Lastly, explain how your results, along with any implicit and explicit biases you may have, may impact your communication in the criminal justice field.Specifically, the following rubric criteria must be addressed:Reflect on your “Comfort in Social Situations” survey results.Compare those results to the personal factors from Loden’s Wheel.Identify any implicit or explicit biases.Explain how the survey results and your biases may impact communication in the criminal justice field.Guidelines for SubmissionThis assignment must be 200–350 words in length. Any references should be cited in APA format. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.Note: For this journal assignment, you can receive a Proficient, Needs Improvement, or Not Evident score on each of your rubric criteria. There is no Exemplary score for this assignment.Journal 1 is for guidance

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