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No need for any citations, this is just an article review from a classmate. Please make comments and any questions you may have.Mechanoreception is the ability of an animal to detect and respond to certain kinds of stimuli—notably touch, sound, and changes in pressure or posture—in its environment. Sensitivity to mechanical stimuli is a common endowment among animals. Our sense of touch, or tactile sensation, is mediated by cutaneous mechanoreceptors located in our skin. Cutaneous mechanoreceptors respond to mechanical stimuli that result from physical interaction, including pressure and vibration. They are located in the skin, like other cutaneous receptors. They are all innervated by A? fibers, except the mechanorecepting free nerve endings, which are innervated by A? fibers. › chapter › mechanoreceptors… › 12:_Peripheral_Nervous_System › science › mechanoreceptionMechanoreceptors are one of the neural receptors in a somatosensory system. They are primarily involved in recognizing different mechanical stimuli. One example is the touch receptor in the skin. Insects are popular example of group of organisms with specialized structures for mechanoreception. › dictionary › mechanoreceptors.Mechanoreceptors are sensory neurons or peripheral afferents located within joint capsular tissues, ligaments, tendons, muscle, and skin. Four primary types of afferent mechanoreceptors are commonly present in noncontractile capsular and ligamentous structures in human joints: types I, II, III, and IV. › medicine-and-dentistryMechanoreceptors detect stimuli such as touch, pressure, vibration, and sound from the external and internal environments. They contain primary sensory neurons that respond to changes in mechanical displacement, usually in a localized region at the tip of a sensory dendrite. › topics › neuroscienceThere are three classes of mechanoreceptors: tactile, proprioceptors, and baroreceptors. Mechanoreceptors sense stimuli due to physical deformation of their plasma membranes. They contain mechanically-gated ion channels whose gates open or close in response to pressure, touch, stretching, and sound. › 36:_Sensory_Systems › 36.03:_…Are mechanoreceptors the same as touch receptors? What is commonly referred to as “touch” involves more than one kind of stimulus and more than one kind of receptor. Mechanoreceptors in the skin are described as encapsulated (that is, surrounded by a capsule) or unencapsulated (a group that includes free nerve endings) › Courses › 9.02:_Sensory_SystemsHair cells in the inner ear are specialized mechanoreceptor cells that detect sound and head movement. The tongue, lips, and fingertips are the most touch- sensitive parts of the body, the trunk the least. Each fingertip has more than 3,000 touch receptors, many of which respond primarily to pressure. › jhumag › touch › articles › PMC2888516How do mechanoreceptors send information to the brain? Those mechanoreceptors send a message along the neuron they are connected to. The neuron connects all the way to the brain, which receives the message that something is touching the body at the precise location of the specific mechanoreceptor that sent the message. The brain will act on this information. › academy › mechanoreceptors-definition…Each mechanoreceptor responds to a touch stimulus in a specific area of the skin, a region called the receptive field of the receptor. When the receptive field is touched, the mechanoreceptor will be activated. Each mechanoreceptor will be activated by a specific region of skin, the receptive field. Mechanoreceptors are involved in hearing, detection of equilibrium, skin tactile sensing, deep tissue sensing, and sensing of arterial pressure. Hearing or audition involves the transduction of sound waves into neural signals via mechanoreceptors in the inner ear. › neuroscience › chapter

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