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Please respond to one of the 2 topics below. 1. The most widely accepted view of Oedipus is that he is guilty of overweening pride, and hence, he has to suffer. The primary basis for this view comes in lines 963 – 978, which read in the Faglestranslation: “Pride breeds the tyrant/violent pride, gorging, crammed to bursting/with all that is overripe and rich with ruin–/clawing up to the heights, headlong pride/crashes down the abyss—sheer doom! /No footing helps , all foothold lost and gone./But the healthy strife that makes the city strong–/I pray that god will never end that wrestling:/god my champion, I will never let you go./But is any man comes striding, high and mighty in all he says and does,/no fear of justice, no reverence/for the temples of the gods–/let a rough doom tear him down,/repay his pride, breakneck, ruinous pride!” Is pride the primary failing of Oedipus? Why or why not? Does Oedipus have any other failings?2. Through Oedipus Rex Sophocles presents the idea that suffering brings about wisdom and that this suffering teaches the sufferer humility and exposes the limitations of the individual. Using this central theme as a point of reference, discuss what Sophocles says about any one or two of the following:• the gods’ role in human affairs • the “best” way to live one’s life• the fleeting nature of fame and fortune• the results of human imperfection

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