-Must be 7 full pages, excluding title and reference page -Must incluse 7 reliab

Objective: Demonstrate how to build an effective teamMindset: Acknowledge the challenges of building an effective team in difficult timesInstructionsBuilding teams is a critical part of management in today’s organizations. In the article on Successful Teamwork, you will discover the attributes of effective teamwork. In this case study on business cycles and employment practices,, you will consider financial constraints of a domestic garment company. Your summary will assess the attributes of an effective teams (see Successful Teamwork) and you will determine how a management team should maintain team effectiveness while addressing the company’s excess labor problem during the upcoming period of slow sales.Read the article titled Successful TeamworkRead a Case Study that addresses employment practice/ethics and teamwork.Write a 1-2 page paper summarizing:The attributes of an effective team and how management might approach these attributes while addressing the company’s excess labor problem during the upcoming period of slow sales.The challenges of building an effective team in these difficult times.It is not necessary to apply a formatting style for this assignment except when using a source to support your writing.

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