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OverviewDrafting allows you to take the ideas that you previously gathered and put them into a complete form, in this case, an essay. If you previously developed an organizational plan (outline), then your essay’s structure should be set, and you will know which ideas to include. Drafting involves fleshing out those ideas and making connections between them. Whereas an outline may have scaffolding (i.e. labels for each part), an essay draft will not.LengthYou will be writing a 500 to 1,000-word essay (approximately two to four double-spaced pages).PurposeThe goal of an argument is persuasion. You will be writing to convince your audience to accept your position. Your position may or may not align with your personal feelings, but either way, you are not simply writing to share how you feel.Please remember that an argument is not pro-con. You are not writing to show the advantages and disadvantages of multiple positions. You are taking a side.IntroductionInclude an introduction paragraph that establishes the issue and its importance and frames the debate surrounding it.Your introduction should also contain your thesis statement, which should respond to the topic question and reveal your position. Try to incorporate some of your reasoning into your thesis statement as well.Body ParagraphsYou will need at least two body paragraphs plus a paragraph of counterargument. Each of these body paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence that presents a reason in support of your position.Each reason should be supported by evidence: facts and statistics, examples, and/or expert opinion. At least one piece of evidence MUST come from one of the articles assigned for your topic. You may use more than one piece of source evidence, and you may use more than one source. One is the minimum. You may use personal experience if you have any that is relevant, but the essay is not a personal narrative.You should use transitions to move between ideas and show relationships between them.CounterargumentYour counterargument should begin by acknowledging an opposing view/objection to your argument and framing it as such (i.e. Some believe or Critics argue). A source text that you are in disagreement with can provide this objection.You must also respond to the objection raised. This can be a partial concession of the point, but it is more likely to be a refutation. What does the objection mistake or overlook?ConclusionYour last paragraph will be a conclusion that wraps up the essay. Your conclusion should reinforce your thesis albeit not in the exact same words as you used in the introduction. Your conclusion can also sum up your reasoning and evidence. Your conclusion must be separate from your counterargument: they serve different purposes.Source Use and CitationSource evidence may be incorporated through summary, paraphrase, and/or direct quotation. Any exact words borrowed must be enclosed in quotation marks whereas any paraphrasing will not use quotation marks. Do not quote excessively. If there are more of someone else’s words than your own, you are using too much borrowed language.Please remember that sources should be used to support your ideas, not to replace them entirely. Main ideas/topic sentences should come from you, and you should leave room for your own explanations. You are incorporating source evidence into your argument, not repeating someone else’s argument point-for-point.No matter which method you use, you should introduce the source material with a signal phrase. This will help distinguish your ideas from someone else’s and can lend authority to your argument.All sources used must be properly cited in MLA Format. You are required to include in-text citations (signal phrases and, if needed, parenthetical citations) AND Works Cited entries. If you leave out needed citations in your rough draft, you will receive a reminder to include them in your final draft. If you leave them out of your final draft, you risk a failing grade and possibly a formal plagiarism complaint. See MLA-4b in A Writer’s Reference for help in formatting Works Cited entries.ObjectivesThis assignment assesses the module objective Write (draft) an argument essay.Instructional MaterialsArgument Essay Topics and SourcesA Writer’s Reference sections C2 Drafting, C3 Writing Paragraphs, A4 Writing Arguments, and MLA.Sample Argument Essay Download Sample Argument Essayand Argument Paper, MLA Style Download Argument Paper, MLA StyleInstructionsRead the Overview provided above.Check the feedback that you received on your Argument Essay Outline. Update your outline (you do not have to re-submit) if needed.Draft the essay in Microsoft Word or a program that can save in Word or .pdf file format. Apply the page formatting described in Formatting a Document.Submit the completed draft using the directions found in File Upload Assignments. I must receive your assignment in either a Word file or .pdf format in order for you to receive credit.Grading CriteriaRough drafts are works in progress that do not necessarily reflect your best effort. When you submit an essay rough draft, you will receive feedback and a nonbinding preliminary score (it will show up in the Canvas gradebook, but it will carry no weight) but not a formal grade. This gives you an opportunity to make changes in revision before an actual grade is assigned.topic of arugementWhile a growing number of states and municipalities have set a higher wage and/or passed legislation to increase the minimum over time, the federal minimum wage has been $7.25 per hour since 2009. Should the federal minimum wage be raised to $15 per hour?Available source texts:“A $15 minimum wage would cost employers. Inequality costs all of us.” by Eugene Robinson (Links to an external site.) (.pdf version Download .pdf version)“The Hidden Costs of the Minimum Wage” by Jonathan Meer (Links to an external site.) (.pdf version) Download .pdf version)“Research: When a Minium Wage Leads to Lower Compensation” by Qiuping Yu, Shawn Mankad, and Masha Shunko (Links to an external site.) (.pdf version Download (.pdf version)“A Minimum Wage Can Create Jobs” by Peter Coy (Links to an external site.) (.pdf version Download .pdf version)

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