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OverviewA persuasive speech can be one of the mostchallenging types of presentation. For this type of presentation, you need topersuade someone to buy into your idea or approve your proposal. Yourexperience of composing a persuasive speech for this assignment will betterprepare you to develop an effective poster presentation for your project. Atthe beginning of this course, you were presented with four potentialhumanitarian aid trip options that could be funded by the SNHU Humanitarian AidFoundation. After reading the paper “Aggressive and Violent Behavior AmongMilitary Personnel Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan: Prevalence and Link WithDeployment and Combat Exposure,” you are inspired to propose anew trip to the stakeholders.By investigating the scholarly literature, you will answer thequestions: What type of trip does this systematic review and meta-analysisinspire? Since the paper is greater than five years old, does the currentevidence suggest that these issues are still relevant? What unique healthchallenge do you believe is feasible as a focus for improvement? How are theelements of occupational health, environmental health, violence, and injury connectedto this situation? How could they be improved if a humanitarian aid trip wereperformed in this scenario?PromptRead the paper provided in the overview section. Your challengeis to persuade the foundation to adopt this issue as a potential humanitarianaid trip option. Begin your persuasive speech with a summary of what you arerequesting. Be clear and concise about the purpose. Then, discuss how this tripaddresses the elements of occupational health, environmental health, violence,and injury as presented in the module resources. Additionally, you shouldrefrain from using the first person in order to maintain objectivity andprofessionalism in your presentation.Note that you should cite at least 4 scholarly sources, currentwithin the last 5 years, from your investigation. Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:1. Request Statement: Providea clear, concise, and persuasive summary of your request statement.o Explorethe programs and resources published since systematic review and meta-analysis.o Provide abrief summary of the trip you propose to address this situation, and brieflyprepare the audience to hear your persuasive statement.2. Population: Describethe population in this scenario. Be sure to include all relevantcharacteristics for painting a meaningful, detailed picture for your audience.3. Health Challenges: Examinethe unique health challenges facing this population.4. Occupational Health: Explainthe occupational health issues in connection to this situation.5. Environmental Health: Analyzethe environmental contamination issues that contribute to this situation.6. Violence and Injury: Explainhow the elements of violence and injury are connected to this occupationalexposure and environmental contamination.7. Conclusion: Summarizeand restate the request based on the evidence provided in your speech.Guidelinesfor SubmissionYour submission should be a 2- to 3-page Word document. You mustalso include an APA, 7th edition style title page. Use 12-pointTimes New Roman font, double spacing, and one-inch margins. Sources should becited according to APA 7th edition style.

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