Nursing role and scope: organ donation and condom distribution in

our paper will have an introduction paragraph that will include your thesis sentence and identifies your chosen major or career path, and a conclusion paragraph that helps resolve the narrative. Additionally, your body paragraphs will be expected to address these ideas:Describe an experience that significantly shaped who you are as a person and informed your personal ethos.Use clear and descriptive language to evoke a sense of the gravity of this experience.Interpret the events that brought you to your choice of major or career path.Why is it meaningful to you?Is it your passion or is it more practical?If it’s a practical choice, how do your passions feed into it?Provide an example of one of the major challenges to achieving your goal.Instead of focusing on a logistical and time-based challenge (such as attaining a degree and/or certification), discuss a challenge rooted in the particular skills you will have to demonstrate, or a mindset challenge or some combination of both.Analyze how your personal ethos prepares you to overcome the above challenge(s).

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