List and explain the types of jobs today that would require time and motion studies to be a factor?

My case study is on a patient who went to the ER. The patient presented with shortness of breath (SOB), fatigue, cough, mild fever, headaches, extreme sore throat, fatigue. The patient has a history of sever asthma amongst other medical issue. At the intake process the patient had a high heart rate even though he had been resting as well and high blood pressure leading the medical experts to think he was throwing a pulmonary embolism. This lead to multiple exams being doing xrays, CT, ekg and a full blood work. After everything came back it came out positive for COVID-19 and due to his severe asthma is what increased his heart rate. After the paragraph of the background on the patient, we should proceed to talk about effects of COVID and symptoms and treating possibilities. As well as what can help and the dangers of COVID-19For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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