Module 3: Analytic Essay Overview In this analytic essay, you will fully answer

nstructions: Given what you learned about the musculoskeletal system last week, I would like for each of you to step back from the computer for a bit, get active, and try something new. Try a new class (e.g., yoga, salsa dancing, kickboxing, spinning) or new activity and tell us about it. You will conduct research on this topic of discussion and use research to support your answers.For this week’s Initial Post:First, tell us about the activity you selected. (NOTE: Be safe and pick an activity within your physical limitations. For those of you with medical or physical restrictions, you can describe activities you currently perform within your acceptable range of activity (e.g., physical therapy) or activities you used to perform or would like to try in the future.)Why did you choose this workout/event?What are the things you liked about it? What are the things you did not like?If you were to continue this class/activity, what are the goals you hope this activity would help you to achieve?Would you recommend this workout to anyone? Why or why not?Next, discuss the anatomy and physiology of your activity. (NOTE: If your activity included different movements {e.g., circuit training with lifting and running}, pick a specific example for this part of the discussion.)What specific muscles/areas of the body did this activity focus on?Is the activity considered aerobic exercise?Were your muscle fibers using aerobic or anaerobic cellular metabolism? Was it a mixture?Were the muscle contractions mostly isometric or isotonic?Please be sure to explain your answers.

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