Must be done APA style format 7th editionDiscussion Question that was given :Research other medical specialist and identify what type(s) of reports they would create, provide a descriiption and purpose for the report. There is two medical specialist that was discussed below, respond to Part 1 and Part discussing your views on each parts separately.DO NOT LINK OR COMPARE PART 1 with PART 2. Give views on each thoroughlyPART 1‘ve picked this specialty because I work in the gastroenterology clinic, so I am quite familiar with the type of reports this specialty uses. The most common procedures that are frequently scheduled are the Upper GI (Endoscopy), Lower GI (Colonoscopy) and Barium swallow. With the Colonoscopy procedure, it is where a tube with a camera is inserted in your rectum to look for any abnormalities and will be able to actually view the inside of your rectum. The use of a colonoscopy is to check for any colon polyps, or possible colon cancer in the rectum or large intestines. this procedure was to see abnormalities such as; any swollen tissues (Mayo Clinic, 2022). This report is used for a colon cancer screening, treating a gastroenterology issue, and looking for any intestinal symptoms (Mayo Clinic, 2022).Endoscopy is a report that examines the upper part of your digestive system. this is where an endoscope is used, this tube will also have a tiny camera so the physician can view and treat any issues with the esophagus, small intestines, and the stomach. This report/ procedure is recommended to investigate any symptoms of your upper digestive system, treat problems in your digestive treatment that includes any inflammation, or bleeding. Samples such as pathology reports will be collected to check for any conditions such as infections or something more than that (Medline Plus, 2016).Barium swallow is somewhat the same as endoscopy because it shows the upper digestive tract. instead of a tube camera, this testing will use a xray call the fluoroscopy, which sees the inside of the organs in its natural habitat moving and doing its work. this test will include the patient drinking a barium liquid. this liquid will help the x-ray a lot more clearly. This report is recommended to check for any Ulcers, acid reflux, tumors and hiatal hernia (Medline Plus, 2021).My daily part of my work task is receiving these finalized reports with the full view of the Egd, colonoscopy or barium swallow and I scan it in the patients charts. It is very interesting how the inside of our digestive system looks likeReferencesMayo Clinic. (2022). Colonoscopy. Plus. (2021). Barium Swallow. Plus. (2016). Endoscopy. 2In my research, the medical specialist that I decided to go with is a Pediatrician. I decided to go with this particular medical specialist because of my own personal experiences with pediatricians. My favorite part of my childhood was going to the doctor every weekend. I loved how the nurses would treat the children with so much care. Also, I always wanted to be a Pediatrician when I gained my medical degree. Honestly, that is my main goal when I do gain my degree. Therefore, I do have some knowledge about the procedures they take when conducting their work in the medical field.Pediatricians are physicians who specialize in childhood diseases and more. There are various different types of Pediatricians such as Developmental/Behavioral Pediatricians, Pediatric audiologists ( Hearing Doctors ), Pediatric cardiologists ( Heart doctors ) Pediatric dietitians ( Nutritionists ), and many more but these are some that I have seen in my research so far. A pediatrician is a primary care physician for all health concerns excluding health emergencies. In my research about pediatricians, I noticed that there are multiple different medical reports that pediatricians have to fill out.Every child is different and some people might have a child that might suffer from mental illness, diseases, and symptoms. I mainly did research on children who suffers from Down Syndrome. When a child has down syndrome, the pediatrician that is specialized in that field has to conduct a clinical report for that child’s syndrome. The report is called an AAP clinical report, ( American Academy of Pediatrics) the report is named Health Supervision for Children and Adolescents with Down Syndrome. This clinical report is an evaluation of the child’s health by taking multiple different assessments. Assessments such as neurologic exams, vision and hearing evaluations, sleep disorders, breathing diffenciency, and behavioral evaluations.After researching more about children with Down Syndrome, they have a higher chance of frequent seizures. And to also include they also monitor symptoms of celiac disease. The final step that they take is having a thorough discussion with the child’s parents and start prescribing medication and setting up medical treatments. Overall, this is the research that I have conducted on this particular medical specialist in pediatrics. Hopefully, everyone reading this found my research informative and I am eager to see your responses to my topic.ReferencesPelletier, S. (2021, November 5). Pediatrics: What Ages Is a Pediatrician for? Southside Medical Center. Retrieved July 22, 2022, from,concerns%2C%20aside%20from%20health%20emergencies.AAP updates guidance for care of children with Down SyndromeThemes, U. (2017, May 25). 5. Medical Specialists and Case Reports. Basicmedical Key. Retrieved July 22, 2022, from

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