Please write the paper following the topics in the outline below. Introducti

Please explain in details.1. John, David, Sharon, and Ken decided to formed a corporation for bottling and selling apple cider. John, David, and Sharon were to operate the business, while Ken was to supply the necessary capital but was to have no voice in the management. They went to Henry, an attorney, who agreed to organize a corporation for them under the name J-D-S Inc., and paid her funds sufficient to accomplish the incorporation. Henry promised that the corporation would definitely be formed by May 3. On April 27, Ken contacted Henry to assess the progress he was making, and Henry indicated that the paper work had been completed and that he would send the documents to the secretary of state that day. He told Ken that the corporation would be created prior to May 3.Ken relied on Henry’s representation and with the support of the others, entered into a contract on May 4 with Grower to purchase the entire production of Grower’s apple orchard. The contract was negotiated by ken on behalf of “J-D-S Inc.” Grower delivered the apples as agreed. Unknown to the members of the corporation or Grower, the articles of incorporation were never filed by Henry. The business failed a short time after that. What are the right of Grower’s against John, David, Sharon, and Ken as individuals?Question 2 – 6 are true/false. No explanations needed2. The shareholders are the owner of title to corporate property.3. A promoter who enters a preincorporation contract in the name of the corporation usually remains liable on the contract even if the corporation adopts it.4. The Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination would also apply to corporations.5. Estoppel may create a corporation.6. Carroll, Daniels, and Elmore organized their veterinary practice as a professional corporation. This organization of professionals will be treated as a partnership for liability purposes.

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