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Part i – descriptive framework paper: organizational communication | BSCOM485 Capstone In Communication | University of Phoenix Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word descriptive framework of your chosen Virtual Organization. You may research existing organizations to supplement any gaps in information, but be sure to document all sources and use consistent information throughout all subsequent weekly assignments. Describe the following:The peopleEmployeesClients or stakeholdersGeneral publicThe tasksProducts or servicesRelations of products, services, and organization to the communityThe organizational communication variables such as the following:The communication settings–board room, one-on-one meetings, and hallway chats, for exampleThe internal and external communication systemsThe structural and functional characteristics that affect the degree of communication formalityThe communication channels–face-to-face, telephone, personal documents, impersonal documents, computer mediated, and so forthAny theoretical perspectives you observe, such as groupthink tendencies

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