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Oedipus the King (Sophocles) and Medea (Euripides)This is the assignment handout for Essay 2, which counts 20% of the semester grade. You also can find thissame file in Week 3, Canvas. Take time to read and follow the instructions carefully. Please do not ignorethese guidelines. If you do, you will probably do poorly on the assignment and might even fail it. Let meknow if you have any questions – I’m glad to help.ASSIGNMENT:In an organized and well-supported essay (2½ – 5 pages), choose one of the following topics. In yourdiscussion, support your opinions with evidence from the play(s), quotations, and in-text citations. Failureto provide quotations / in-text citations or to write the required length is an automatic zero.Topic 1: Oedipus is bent on trying to find the truth. What kind of person was Oedipus as a ruler and as aman?Topic 2: As characters, how are Oedipus and Medea similar and different?Topic 3: How does Medea see herself? How is this similar or different from how others see her?Topic 4: Discuss how light and darkness (sight and blindness) are used in Oedipus the King.Please copy or type the topic at the top of your essay.1. MLA MANUSCRIPT FORMAT• Times New Roman 12 font• Pagination in upper right corner in the header area• Double-spacing• MLA Heading in left corner of the page – not in header area• ½ inch indent for first line of each new paragraph• No extra spaces between paragraphs or other sections; maintain double-spacing.• One-inch margins• Left Margin justification (no center or Justified margins)• Review “Sample MLA First Page.”• Incorrect MLA document format is an automatic penalty of 10 points

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