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Please Listen to The Podcast about Patient Zero and Read the Article about Ebola Nurse before doing the AssignmentWas it OK to lock up Typhoid Mary (keeping in mind they knew of multiple other carriers who were not locked away)? Do you agree that locking up Mary was more about “making people feel safe rather than making them safe”? Do you know of any examples of this same tactic from your own experience? One of the virus scientists discussed how viruses are constantly mutating and “pinging” at us, most fail but occasionally one succeeds (AIDS). I immediately thought of how closely that relates to computer viruses, they work the same way. Do you see similarities between biological and computer viruses? The large question out of this mod is about ethics and disease. How do we balance public health concerns against civil liberties? Was it wrong to quarantine Kaci Hickox? What about Gaetan Dugas (Patient Zero)? If we had known about him willfully spreading AIDS should he have been locked up?

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