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Please help me write a reflective essay following these requirements. The reflection should be focused on just one reading, with the only part that mentions connections to other readings in the connection section of the reflection. Everything else should be focused on reflecing and expanding on the ideas on 1 of the readings. I have included 4 options for sources, please select one of these as the main source for the reflection with atleast 1 other being used in JUST the connection segment of the reflection.I included the bibliography for the sources as well for your convenience.Keywords (5-10)(0.5 point)You will list 5-10 key terms from the reading here. These words should reflect the main argument. For example, the words race, or media are not key. Try to choose terms that are specific to that author/text, and the theoretical framework.Main argument(1 point)Use your own words here and paraphrase the main argument of the reading. This should be a very concise sentence. Avoid wordy statements or direct quotations. What is the author saying in a nutshell? Be brief and specific.Sub arguments(1.5 points)What are the highlights of this reading for you? I suggest that you use a combination of direct and indirect quotations here with proper in-text citation.Key quotations(0.5 point)Copy and paste the direct quotations that you consider are important. Please specify page numbers.Connection(1.5 point)Make connections and comparison with this reading and the rest of the readings in the same week. How are they similar or different?Critically evaluate the reading’s efficacy. Does the reading conform to today’s academic/public discourses or realities? Could the arguments of the reading be appropriated to other issues?Sources:Gómez, L. E. (2020). “The elusive quest for Whiteness”. In Inventing Latinos: A New Story ofAmerican Racism (pp. 98–132). New York, NY: The New Press.Fleuriet, K. J. & Castellano, M. (2020). Media, place-making, and concept-metaphors: The USMexico border during the rise of Donald Trump. Media, Culture & Society, 42(6), 880–897.Román, E. (2000). Who exactly is living La Vida Loca?: The legal and political consequences ofLatino-Latina ethnic and racial stereotypes in film and other media. Journal of Gender, Race andJustice, 4(1), 37–68.Beltrán, M. (2020). Image Analysis and Televisual Latinos. In L. K. Lopez (Ed.), Race andMedia: Critical Approaches (pp. 27–38). New York University Press.https://doi.org/10.18574/9781479823222-004Sandoval, J. A. (2018). Representations of “La Raza”: Stereotypes, Gender Issues, and theImpact of Images in Media. In K. B. Coronado & E. R. Kight (Eds.), LatinX Voices: Hispanics inMedia in the U.S. (pp. 246–256).

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