If Africa became a battleground for the main actors of the bipolar world, Why did Cuba, a peripheral actor, get involved in Africa?

psychology discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.What do you think is the most convincing benefit of RDoC? What do you think is the most convincing challenge?Length requirement of original post: 200 words. Citations of both lecture and reading materials are required.Literature will be provided. Cite in answerIf you’re stuck, here’s some content you could include to assist in your explanation:Examples of how the system’s pro has shown successExamples of how the system’s con has caused problemsEvaluations about whether the pro outweights the con or the con outweighs the proSuggestions for further studies of the system’s pro and/or conSuggestions for ways we can further leverage the system’s proSuggestions for ways we can help address the system’s conImplications of the pro/con for clinical assessment or treatmentAlternative viewpoints to your ow

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