Presidency Case Study Paper 3-4 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font. (No more, a

PLEASE ONLY BID IF YOU ARE PRO CHOICE AND PRO WOMAN!!! INSTRUCTIONS:: For this exercise, you will type your topic and three concepts, as you see in Example 1 and 2 below.Then, below that, you are to type an outline for your literature review, using the topic and concepts you chose. See below (one the second page of this assignment) for what the outline should look like. I will grade this based on whether or not you include all aspects indicated on this assignment.A. Topic and Concepts: The topic is the main issue you are researching in your paper. The concepts are issues related to that larger topic, and that are indicators or aspects of that larger topic.Two examples are below:Example 1: Topic: Racism in US Media.For this broad topic, the three concepts are racial stereotypes in popular US television shows; racial stereotypes in popular movies; and racial stereotypes on popular US magazine covers.Example 2: Topic: Native Americans and High Rates of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD)For this broad topic, the three concepts are Socio-Economic Status Factors associated with CVD; Cultural Factorsassociated with CVD; and Psycho-Social Factors associated with CVD.For this exercise, please state the topic that you will be researching for your literature review. Next, briefly explain why you’re interested in that topic. Then, you will indicate 3 concepts that are relevant to this topic. See above for examples.This should be typed in 12-point font on one page. On the next page, you will create an outline for your literature review using the topic and concepts from this exercise. Follow the instructions below. When you’re finished with all of this, save the Word document as one file and upload it into Canvas by 11:59 pm on Saturday, July 2.B. Outline: Guidelines for Literature Review Outline Below is the outline for your literature review. For this assignment, you are to create an outline with much of the information filled in. You should complete the Introduction, indicate the three sections/concepts of the Body, and provide the heading for the Conclusion. Be sure to include headings for all three sections, and to organize the outline as you see it below. Follow the guidelines in the Literature Review Instructions for grammar and formatting.Your outline should look like this:I. IntroductionParagraph 1: a. State and define your research topic. You will need to provide a citation for the definition and any claims when you write the literature review draft.b. Explain why this topic is important sociologically: Don’t go into too much detail here yet. Just write a few sentences about why this topic is important to society. Cite this information in your literature review draft.Paragraph 2:c. A short description of where the data comes from (in your case, the data come from published sociological research articles found through the UNCP Library database and/or Google Scholar- or wherever you chose to obtain your source).d. A short “roadmap” of your paper to explain what the reader will expect to read in the Body of the paper. Tis roadmap contains the three concepts. Here is a good example:The first section explores socio-economic factors that can contribute to the higher rates of CVD among Native Americans. The second section explores cultural factors that can contribute to the higher rates of CVD among this group. The third section examines psycho-social contributors to higher rates of cardiovascular diseases among Native Americans.II. BodyThis section is where you bring in the various concepts, definitions of concepts, and claims about the concepts. For this outline, you just need to indicate the concepts about which you will be writing for your Literature Review. These are the subheadings you will be including in your paper. You should have 3 major concepts.In the example above in Part d of the Intro, the three concepts are socio-economic factors that contribute to CVD, cultural factors that contribute to CVD, and psycho-social factors that contribute to CVD. This section of your outline should look like this (but use your own concepts!):I. Socio-economic Factors that Contribute to CVD among Native AmericansII. Cultural Factors that Contribute to CVD among Native AmericansIII. Psycho-Social Factors that Contribute to CVD among Native AmericansIII. Conclusiona. This section is where you draw conclusions based on the findings. You explain which concepts and claims have ample evidence to support them and which do not. For example, you might find that one claim is echoed by several articles while another claim is only made by one author. That doesn’t mean that the claim is not valid. It may simply mean that there is not much research on that question yet. For this outline, you will not have anything to write for the Conclusion because you will not have researched your topic thoroughly yet. So, just include the subheading, “Conclusion,” for you to fill in later.b. You identify gaps in the research and make suggestions for studies that would improve our understanding of the issue. This section will also be blank in your outline, too. Just make sure you complete it in your Literature Review. Make sure you include headings for each section (Introduction, the three sections of the Body, Conclusion) in your outline.2

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