Nursing Leadership Select one of the change management models you reviewed. How

Our belief systems have a distinct impact on what we personally view as sacred. Every belief system has its own conceptions of sacred spaces. They may differ from one another, but the essential nature of the space and the purpose that it serves remains largely the same. Vanessa Zuisei Goddard (2020) states with regard to Zen Buddhist practice, “In spiritual practice, sacred space is the field where a certain kind of creation becomes possible. It is the space where, to the best of our ability, we divest ourselves of that which keeps us safe and separate. The space in which we can shed our suits of armor, the visors, and breastplates, faulds, and tassets we construct out of our titles, our possessions, our variegated opinions and beliefs about ourselves and the world” (para 1). In what ways does this belief differ from your own conception of sacred space? How is it the same?

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