its the classic UC essays application. see pompt below UC Prompt 1: Describe an

Module 4 DiscussionsDirection: For each module, you need to answer two questions that are posted. For example, if you choose to answer questions 1 and 2, you can’t respond to others’ answers on these two questions. You can respond to posts on any of questions 3 -7. To assist everyone in understanding, please paste the question before you are answering and before you are responding. I have bolded the ones to use. Below are the questions:Chapter 11 (Qual)Explain (in your own words) how quantitative and qualitative researchers approach the ideas of subjectivity, objectivity, and ‘bias’ differently?Let’s say you are conducting a qualitative study on the rehabilitation experiences of injured student athletes. Tables 11.2 and 11.3 describe a number of strategies that researchers use to maintain the rigor of qualitative research. Choose three of the strategies, describe each in your own words, and explain how using each would make this study stronger.Describe a simple qualitative study you might want to conduct in your field. How would you recruit participants for the study (what’s your sampling strategy)? How would you know when you’ve collected enough data?Sarah Tracey (2010) presented 8 criteria for evaluating the quality of qualitative research. Choose any three of these criteria. Describe each in your own words, and explain how it contributes to creating rigor in qualitative research.Chapter 15Postmodernist ideas have been highly influential in the development of qualitative research. What are your opinions on postmodernism (as described in the textbook)? How might these philosophies influence your views on research as a producer and as a consumer of research?In chapter 2, we discussed the ‘incompatibility hypothesis.” Now that you have a better understanding of both qualitative and quantitative research, what are your views on this concept? Have they changed? How?Johnson & Christensen write “Narrative Inquiry: So much more than telling stories” and go on to state, “In many ways, human experience is fundamentally narrative” (p. 433). What do you think are meant by these statements? What is the unique value of conducting Narrative Inquiry studies (as opposed to other forms of qualitative inquiry)?A case study is the study of a case (obviously). In your own words, define the term “case.” Describe a specific case (no multiple or collective case designs) related to your field that would be of interest for you to research. Who or what would be included in this case study?Chapter 16What is phenomenology in your own words? What is a phenomenon related to your own field that you might wish to study? How would you study it using a phenomenological approach? Define the term “bracketing,” and describe how it would be used in your study.What might be some of the problems with conducting an ethnographic study of “American” culture? Describe an ethnographic study you might conduct related to your own field. Who would be studied? How would you gain access to and establish trust with this population?What are the benefits and limitations of the emic and etic positions in qualitative research? How does a researcher choose between them?What is the value of conducting a grounded theory study (as opposed to other forms of qualitative inquiry)? Describe a phenomenon that you might wish to study using the grounded theory approach. What would you hope to find from this study? How would you know when you’re done?How is data typically analyzed in qualitative research? Describe the terms ‘chunking,’ ‘coding,’ (referred to as ‘open coding’ in the text), ‘categorizing’ (referred to as ‘axial coding’ in the text).

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