Promoting international trade is not a zero-sum game. It is a win-win propositio

Please read the atached pdf and answer the following quations.1. Consider the “Golden Rule”. How are the Islamic and Christian version different from most of the rest? a. Does this make them a better rule? Why or why not? 2. Use 1 – 2 sentences to define the following: a. Conventional Law b. Natural Law c. Law of Nature 3. The Author states that “History has shown failures of societies and cultures like the once mighty Roman empirebecause their code failed to cope with the changing times.” Did their code fail, or did they fail to live with their code? Justify your answer briefly. 4. The Author states that Natural Law is above Civil/government law. In what way is this true?5. At the end of section 2.2.5 the author states that “Morality does not belong to any individual”. a. Write a short paragraph in which you take an opposing view – in what way could you say this is nottrue? b. Write a short paragraph explaining what the author means to say with this assertion

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