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OverviewThe purpose of the oral presentation assignment is for students to look at a risk topic related to families at risk and understand the significance of the problem. Students will research a topic in order to understand the history of the problem and what has been done so far in addressing the problem and use this knowledge to further develop suggestions to better mitigate the problem in the future. Students will develop skills to look at problems more holistically and begin to develop interventions to help families at risk at micro, mezzo, and macro levels.You will create and present a PowerPoint presentation on your research topic (15 minutes minimum; 30 minutes maximum) during the week that you selected in Week 1. You are responsible for researching this topic/problem and then teaching it to the class. Please be creative and use different teaching methods.GuidelinesInclude the following in your presentation:Introduction to the Issue: Identify, define, and describe the topic/problem you are researching, including the scope of the issue. How many people are affected by this issue? Define “at risk” factors and populations.Review of the Literature: Briefly explain the historical development of the issue. This should extend back to at least the 1800s in the United States, although you may go back further in history if you feel it is relevant. Include significant laws and policies that have impacted this issue over time. From your review of the literature, identify and discuss the most important points about this issue that are relevant to social work.Services: Provide information regarding current local and/or national programs and services available to mitigate the problem. Your classmates should know where to go for assistance with this problem after your presentation. Provide as much detail as possible.Interventions: Identify how social workers can intervene with this population on micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Integrate at least two programs from learning resources provided in the course.For the micro level, think about this in terms of if you were in the room with a client who presented with this issue, what would you assess and what interventions would you use?For the mezzo level, think about how you are interacting with a client regarding this topic at a family, agency, and community level.For the macro level, think about this on a state and national level. What do we need to be doing differently and how are we going to bring about changes?For this section, if you identify more funding or more education as part of recommended intervention, please provide details about specific programs and services relevant to this population that you would create with those resources. Be as specific as possible as it relates to your topic.Conclusion: Summarize the current status of the issue and provide your own thoughts – with corroborating support from the literature – about the development of services that you feel are significant in addressing this issue in the future. Again, this needs to be specific and related to your topic.Use at least six (6) scholarly sources in your presentation. You may use academic journal articles, credible government websites, and credible child welfare sites given to you at the beginning of this class. You are encouraged to use the readings about the topic that are provided in the syllabus. Make sure you include a reference slide with APA formatting.References

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