Overview The Simulation Checkpoint Assignment in this course directly supports y

OverviewThe second part of your Board Brief picks up where the last one left off. Having accurately framed the coreproblem/opportunity in Assignment 1, you will now turn your attention to collecting, organizing, and analyzingthe data you are using to test your hypothesis. You are not yet ready to propose a specific action plan for yourbusiness. You will focus on evaluating what data you have and don’t have, and on identifying patterns, trends,and anomalies. Because you can never have complete data, your analysis must acknowledge what you knowand what you don’t know. But, even with incomplete data, your actions must be reasonable given the timeframe and resources you have. Those actions – your strategic plan – will be developed in Assignment 3.InstructionsFor this assignment, you will build on your first assignment by including an additional 3 to 4 pages to presentyour analysis of the data. Your submission must include the work you did in Assignment 1 and must providerelevant and quantifiable data, models, calculations, and analysis. Use the topics below to organize thissection of your Board Brief:1. Data Sources and Reliabilitya. What data were the most critical to the analysis of the problem/opportunity you identified inAssignment 1? Explain.b. What sources did you use to gather the data?c. How reliable and complete are the data you are using? What steps did you take to validatethis?d. What data are unknown (or unknowable) at this stage? How does this impact your analysis?2. Data Tools and Analysisa. Drawing from the “Types of Analysis” guide and other resources from the course, what toolsand techniques have you used in your analysis? Why did you select these?b. Applying the analysis tools to your selected data, what patterns, trends, and anomalies didyou uncover?c. How do these patterns, trends, and anomalies shed light on the problem/opportunity youidentified?d. Leveraging your work in the Discussion Questions and the guidance from our coursematerials, include charts, tables, and/or other visual supports to ensure that your data tells aclear story that your reader can easily understand.3. Conclusion and Action Items a. What does your analysis tell you about where you should focus your efforts to drive meaningful improvement?Formatting and Submission RequirementsNOTE: Use the Board Brief Checklist to help guide your work. As you complete each ofthe three assignments, you will add it to the previous assignment(s), so that by the end of Assignment 3, youwill have created a single document for your entire Board Brief• Submit your work in Word• Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, your name, your professor’s name, andthe course title and date• Include a references page with your sources• The cover page and the references page are not included in the required page length• Use professional font (Times New Roman or Arial), 10-12 font size, and double-space• Headings are used to identify main topics and subtopics• Paragraphs are separated by a single space

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