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P??????????????????????rovide a brief introduction of your social change effort. What specifically did your group do? Why did you choose this intervention and/or these activities? (2 pts)How were members of the affected community involved in trying to make change on this issue? How were additional members of the community brought into the change effort? If not, how might any members of this community be brought into the effort? (2 pts)Will members of the population affected by the problem be empowered by your effort or gain actual power? Your answer will require you to provide definitions of power and empowerment and demonstrate why you believe the population was or was not empowered and did or did not gain power. (2 pts)In looking at your change effort, who has the power to keep you from reaching your goal and who has the power to help you reach your goal? (2 pts)Analyze your efforts based on material we read and/or discussed in class. For example, what strategies and tactics were used during the effort? Why were these chosen? What worked?????????????????????? well? What might have been more effective? What model of change best describes your effort? (4 pts)What barriers did you encounter to success? How did you or could you have overcome these barriers? (3 pts)What value or ethical conflicts came up in your change effort? What guidelines from the Social Work Code of Ethics provide guidance? (3 pts)What outcome would you have to achieve before you were able to say that your effort was successful? Are there smaller things you could achieve along the way that would suggest some measure of success? (3 pts)How would you evaluate your effort? Why would you choose this method? (2 pts)What did you learn through your involvement in this project that might shape your work in community efforts in the future? (2 pts)Hello i was the only one in my group. My social change project was to help/ change homelessness. I live in Los Angeles so it had to do with Los Angeles homeless population and skid row. If you want to use place of work, i work at homeless healthcare los angeles??????????????????????.

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