In 150 words or more, what are three or four components of a well-thought-out, a

psychology writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.1. Cover Page a. Name of the Assignment (i.e. Reflection Paper #2) b. Student name c. Class (PSY 358: Psychology of Religion and Spirituality) 2. Overview (1-2 pages) a. Identify and summarize the didactic content covered for the timeframe (e.g. If completing Reflection Paper #2, highlight salient points of Chapters 6,7) – DO NOT include unnecessary details. Keep it concise and remember to cite appropriately. 3. Personal Reflection (1-2 pages) a. What psychological implications does this information have on your life or others? b. How does it affect people, society, etc.? c. How can this information be used to help/harm people? d. How does the information affect peoples’ lives and judgments? e. What have been your own personal experiences with some of this information? f. What would you want others to know? g. How can this information be utilized to help improve micro/macro systems from a social/cultural perspective? h. What are some suggestions for future research which might help to fill some of the existing gaps? 4. Reference Sheet a. Cite article using APA Format 5. Other Format Considerations a. Typed, double spaced, 1-inch margins b. Use of current APA publication style and format c. Minimum of 4 pages (excluding cover page and references page) d. Reference Page(s) with at least 2-3 empirical references (textbook is 1, article provided in weekly folder can be 2)

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