I would use two forms of communication, first communication by email as preparat

management presentation and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Assignment: Imagine that you’ve been asked to teach a grade 9 class about any issue inbusiness.Create a powerpoint presentation that explains that issue in a way that not only coversthe most important parts of that issue, but is easy to understand.At the very minimum, your presentation should include the following:1. Introduction – Provide an overview of the issue to the students2. Level set – What are the most important parts of the issue? What core concepts dostudents need to understand?3. Problem identification – Why is this an issue / what is the challenge? Frame the issue in away that the students can relate to it. Be sure to separate symptoms from the actualproblems.4. Implication – What happens if this issue continues on? How does this affect other areas ofthe business ecosystem (politics, culture, environment, etc.)?5. Recommendations – What do you think could be the solution to this issue? How long wouldit take to implement?Hint:1. Remember that in this assignment you are speaking to a high school class – so make sureyou are using words, phrases, and concepts that high school students would understand2. You are free to search and use online resources as inspiration to complete this assignment,but make sure to write in your own words. When reviewing your assignment ask yourself,“does my assignment sound like me?” and “would I have written like this if I hadn’t foundthe online resource?”3. Do not share information with each other as it can inadvertently lead to an academicviolation4. When sourcing information from online, make sure to close the reference webpage beforeyou write your work to avoid an academic violation5. This assignment relates to the exploration of a specific issue in business, not a discussionaround what are possible issues in business.2Important Note:1. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated2. All online material must be in your own words. Do not use language found online.3. All sources must be properly cited (as per APA)Submission Format1. The title slide must contain:a. The Course Titleb. Professor Namec. Full name (as registered in school) + student IDd. Date2. Presentation must be in Microsoft PowerPoint and must not exceed 20 slides (Excludingtitle page, table of contents and appendices).

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