In one to two pages discuss What you have learned in this course. How you envisi

writing discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Q1:CR1. An activity for K-2 using both locomotor and non locomotor movement and how would you adapt for everyone to play?CR2. Name two ways that peer relationships in 6-8 grades affect their social and emotional needs or development , something similar to that.CR 3. What a 3rd grade class is learning a science lesson on water molecules floating down a river into a lake. Use your dance vocabulary to explain how dance can be incorporated into this lesson, what two prompts would you give your students. How this type of activity help students learning of science!?Q2:1: Choose a physical activity to promote locomotor and nonlocomotor that helps with body movement, balance, flexibility, body management skills and transfer weight for k-2 and how to make it inclusive for all students regardless of ability.2: Choose one musical work from any culture, genre, or time period and list one musical element found in that work and describe how that element evokes/helps to create emotion or images. Pick a musical artist, debscribe the genre and talk about why? Musical meaning behind it.3: Choose a specific factor known to influence physical development of students in grade levels k-2, 3-5, or 6-8. How can that influence their abilities and examples of how it affects their physical development?

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