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Overview:In this unit, you learned about the elements of narrative and descriptive essays. Now,you will write one paragraph that makes use of strong description of someone that isimportant to you or had a meaningful impact on your life. The person should besignificant to you. It can be a real person, a fictional person from a book, a characterfrom a movie: The person just has to be significant to you.Instructions:• Write one paragraph about a specific person that left a significant and positiveimpression on your life. (Please be aware that if you share information that isdistressing, then your instructor is mandated to share that information with ourcounseling center.)• Consider the following questions when writing this paragraph:o What about this person makes them so significant to you?o How would you describe that person to someone who does not knowthem? Consider appearance, personality, and sensory imagery whenbuilding this description.Narrative and descriptive writing is a combination of description and reflection. You wantto include specific details to show the reader what you are writing about and then reflecton your subject. Remember to use the five sentences to allow the subject to come alivefor the reader.

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