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Our discussion will focus on our experiences working out as well as the motivation and discipline we will need to commit to a healthy lifestyle.DirectionsThis is a two-part assignment. In your initial response directly address the following points:1) What activities have you completed this week so far? What was the Frequency, Intensity, Type of Activity, and Time of your workouts?These are my activities= you can address in my discussion post and use this information and provide a professional discussion. (I’m going to group classes in (Gold’s )gym 5 days in a week in the evening. The group classes that I’m joining are body pump, body combat, and spinning. Yet, I have gone to gym 3 days this week so far. I have joined to body pump class two times this week, and I have done body combat one time this week so far.)2) Locate and post an online video, or article, which you find motivating or inspiring and would encourage your classmates to improve their personal health. Explain what about this video, or article, helped get you going and active.

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