Identify strategies for the family or caregiver in the care plan and provide your rationale on how they will work.

nursing writing question and need a reference to help me learn.This assignment is specific to a particular pediatric primary care practice and is mostly based upon student observation and experience. In your paper, include the following elements:From your observations and experiences in your pediatric clinical rotation, provide an example of multidisciplinary collaboration.From your observations and experiences in your pediatric clinical rotation, provide an example of how multidisciplinary and family collaboration affect patient outcomes.Discuss how you have been able to promote communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals, patients, and family/caregivers.Discuss a particular case where collaboration among healthcare professionals and family members affected patient/family satisfaction.In your clinical practicum, what are some barriers you have observed to collaboration among health care professionals, patients, and families?Collaboration in Pediatric Primary CareThis formal paper should include APA format, literature review, and logical sequence. This assignment should demonstrate your understanding of the topic. Citations and reference list is required. Please refer to the Grading Rubric for point distribution. This paper should be 3–5 pages excluding the title and reference pages.

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