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Picot question: Does implementing aclinical practice protocol by nurse practitioners using education for managinghypertension in adult (18-65) Hispanic patients could decrease cardiovascularrisk and systolic high blood pressure over twelve months in primary caresettings.The interventions in those patients will includeweight loss, diet (DASH and Mediterranean), blood pressure check at home, exercise,avoid alcohol and cigarette, provide education in Spanish, low cholesterol andtriglycerides,1.Short-termof 6 months: Decrease systolic BP and BMI, helping decrease cardiovasculardisease (CVD).2.Long-term of 12 months: Decrease ofsystolic BP achieving normal BMI leading to fewer pharmacological interventionsand less CVD incidence in most of the patients.Process evaluations:·Evaluatethe patient weight and BMI every three months.·Monitorthe patient’s BP log to assess a decrease in systolic BP.·Assesspatient cholesterol, HgA1c, and triglycerides.Outcome evaluations·Evaluate every Hispanic patient whopresents to the clinic with hypertension regardless of the hypertension stageevery three months to assess for results.·Evaluate every adult Hispanicpatient 12 months after initiating intervention to assess for resultscompared with baseline.Assignment PromptThe capstone project is completed and developed as ascholarly paper. This is a final project designed to apply skills learned inthe program. Students will build on previously completed work in the requiredsections. Include a clear, problem statement. Establish synthesis of literatureand evidence-based practice in all content sections. Apply concepts of culturalcompetency and cultural literacy within the background section and Purpose orAims of the Study section. Integrate thorough discussion of effectivecollaboration of the advanced nursing role through leadership, collaborationand improving outcomes in the proposed interventions section. Apply ethicalreasoning and integrate advocacy and decision making within themethods/design/sampling section. Throughout the paper, develop critical,relevant, and consistent connections between evidence and the thesis.The capstone project includes thefollowing sections:1. Titlepage2. Abstract3. Background& Significance4. LiteratureReview5. SupportingEvidence6. Purposeor Aims of the Study7. TheoreticalModel or Framework (Iowa model)8. Methods/Design/Sampling9. ProposedInterventions10. ExpectedResults/Outcomes11. AnticipatedConclusion12. PossibleLimitations13. PotentialImplications to Practice14. References15. Poster16. AppendicesLength: 15 pages (No included Title page,reference, poster, and appendices).Format: APA 7th ed.Research: Minimum of five scholarlyreferences from within the last five yearsAbstract: Providesa professional, scholarly synopsis of the capstone projectStates the purpose of the capstone clearly andsuccinctlyProvides a brief rationale for the capstone project.Describes the design and methodology of the mainactivities of the projectDescribes the expected results or the outcomes of thecapstone.Provides a summary statement that shows the possibleimplication of the capstone project to student’s clinical practice setting orprofession.Utilizes 250-300 words maximum

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