Please answer each question. Be careful citing. Professor uses a strong plagiari

Part I. Read the required readings on Mexican immigration to Chicago including the Arellano article as well as the two short readings and answer the following questions (150-200 words per question).What factors help explain why Mexicans immigrated to Chicago around the time of the two World Wars?In what Chicago neighborhood areas did Mexicans settle and what can you glean about the life of the first sizeable wave of Mexican immigrants to Chicago? Describe what you learned about early Mexican immigrants and their early community lifePart 2. Read the Encyclopedia entry on Puerto Ricans and watch the video documentary, Chicago’s Puerto Rican Story and answer the following questions. (150-200 words per question)What led to the initial migration of Puerto Ricans to Chicago?Of the various topics (housing, education, employment) discussed in this video documentary about Puerto Ricans in Chicago, which one struck you and why? Describe what you learned from whatever segment you selected.Part 3. Consider this weeks’ readings as a whole, and answer the following questions. (150-200 words per question)What similarities and differences are there between the Mexican and Puerto Rican immigration/migration experiences? That is, what different factors help explain why each of these two groups came to Chicago?Optional: What else do you want to comment on concerning this week’s readings and videos?

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