Overview & Purpose Estimated Time: 1 hour. This invention assignment asks you to

OverviewIn this assignment, you will explore the influence of research methodologies on questions you have already asked and the future research you will conduct.PromptLook back at the research questions you submitted for your Project Three milestone in Module Five. How does the methodology of your research influence each of the questions you asked? How does each methodology influence the type of data included in the research study?Now, think forward to future research you will conduct: How do you think the initial research you conduct will influence the questions you can ask? How will it influence the type of data you collect? How might it impact the research you will conduct?Influence of MethodologyExplain the influence different methodologies had on:The questions that you askedThe types of data that were included in each research studyFuture ResearchExplore the impact of initial research on:The questions you can askThe types of data you will collectThe research you will conductSpecifically, the following rubric criteria must be addressed:Explain the influence of methodologies on existing questions and types of dataExplore the impact of methodologies on future questions, types of data, and researchGuidelines for Submission: This assignment should be 300–500 words in length. Any references should be cited in APA format.My Three research questions1. Is there a factor that could cause a halt in an execution at the last minute?2. How are death row inmates end of life events funded?3. What are the statistics of innocent people executed on death row?

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