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Overview:On the last day of exam week, you will turn in a 5-page essay. This assignment is the first step in that process. For this assignment, in general, you are going to identify 1) a particular stakeholder (so your topic will be “business and x”), 2) a business doing well with that stakeholder, 3) a business not doing as well with that stakeholder, and 4) your opinion about why that is.If you want to guidance thinking of a topic, visit the stakeholder page, which lists some classic business ethics issues by stakeholder at the bottom of the page: 3: StakeholdersMy specific expectations are below:Find Sources:You should find at least two articles about contemporary businesses that are facing some difficult situation with a stakeholder. Articles from well-respected newspapers or magazines work best here.Also, I want you to use at least one academic article. For this, do research in the databases available through If you go to ‘databases,’ then click on ‘business,’ you will get a list of several good business databases. Also, Google Scholar is an easy way to find an academic source.Academic articles are quite different from magazine/newspaper articles. Academic articles are written in order to be accurate and informative, while magazine/newspaper articles are written in order to be read. So each has strengths and weaknesses – that’s why its nice to have both.When you find articles that interest you, check the date and the source to make sure the article is recent and from a trustworthy source. Any questions about that – let me know.Write the Prospectus: (complete this part)Write a short paper (one page double-spaced is probably enough) in which you discuss 1) what you are planning for your topic, and 2) a brief summary of each source you found.You should also list your sources in a bibliography style. I don’t care what style of citation you use as long as you are consistent (i.e. do it the same way each time). Here are some safe examples if you are unsure: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)This assignment will not receive a grade directly. However, a major percentage of your final essay grade is how well you participated in the pre-writing process. Completing this assignment late or turning in an assignment that is not complete will hurt you on that part of the grade.

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