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Market Plan InvestigationWelcome to your first task. The task is described below. In order to accomplish the task, you will need to do substantial research and studying of marketing plans. Many of these plans are readily available on the internet. Work through the steps, then complete the Task. This should take approximately 2 weeks.At the completion of week 1 you must upload a draft.At the completion of week 2 your final draft of Task 1 is due.Explore a variety of organizations and their marketing plans. Focus on ones that may have a product with limited markets in other countries, especially undeveloped and developing countries.Choose some companies with a poor marketing plans and some that appear to have well formulated marketing plans. Analyze the differences to help you determine what your ultimate plan might look like. What is marketing and why do companies have marketing plans that are specific to their product or service? Review Small Business Administration about The Six P’s the Sample Marketing Plans the Quiznos Case Study* (see the Important Documents folder).  As you reflect on the questions at the end of the case, you will begin to see how marketing seriously affects product success. *You do not need to answer the questions yet.Investigate at least 2 other companies either on their website or in YouTube videos that show different marketing plans.Compare the plans and effects of what Quiznos did to these companies.Locate and analyze at least three different marketing examples (Quiznos should be one) that will help inform your own marketing plan.  The analysis should be presented in a comparison chart that is engaging, colorful, creative, easy to understand, and informative.  It should compare and contrast the marketing examples in relation to:What product or service is being marketedWhat media each uses for marketing the service?How effective the marketing is for you the potential consumer (support why with specifics)?Why is each company marketing and why did they choose the style of marketing they did?What current trends in marketing are present or absent from their marketing?Upload below.For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now

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