In a thesis driven, rhetorical essay, argue for the cause(s) and effect(s) of a

social work exercise and need a sample draft to help me learn.Lobbying Plan Elevator Pitch Part 2Activity Overview and PurposeTo recruit and “hook” supporters, you will need a quick, to-the-point speech (aka an elevator pitch). This week, you will record a 60-second video of yourself proposing your lobbying plan. This will help you practice presenting in a confident, professional manner – both verbally and nonverbally. After your instructor views the video, he or she will give you feedback on how your communication style would be perceived by a person to whom you are promoting your lobbying plan.There are two parts to this learning activity assignment:Part 1: Create a VideoCreate a video using a platform called Screencast-o-matic (Links to an external site.). You may want to watch the tutorials (Links to an external site.) before you get started. As needed, consult the Getting Started Tutorial (Links to an external site.) and Saving your Recording Tutorial (Links to an external site.). Since you will need a webcam for recording video, and you may modify how you capture your presentation by recording audio only. This modification requires prior Instructor approval. Be sure to read the rubric for grading criteria before you begin. Save the video link provided once you publish the file and put it in your Reflection paper.It is recommended that you prepare a script and practice your pitch prior to recording for a seamless presentation.Part 2: Write a ReflectionFor this reflection, view your video and critique your communication with your stakeholders in a Word document that includes the following information and a link to your video.Reflect upon your verbal and nonverbal communication skills:Do you use eye contact and posture?Is the way you speak confident and clear?Do you use words that don’t convey meaning but just interrupt the speech, such as “um,” “ya know,” and “like?”What, if anything, would you do differently in the video? (You will get your chance to do this in Week 5).If you have identified any weak areas, how can you work on improving these areas?What effect would these improvements have on the way your stakeholders perceive you and the issue you cover?Additionally, pertaining to your lobbying plan issue, what follow-up questions or comments do you think your audience would have following your elevator pitch? How would you respond? To strengthen your responses, refer to resources and reputable online sources, when possible, that you have come across either through your weekly readings in the course or in your work on the annotated bibliography in Week 2. Cite your sources and list references in APA format.

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