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P??????????????????????LEASE CHOOSE ONLY 1:Issues in Children’s Literature, Media, and/or Culture:Choose an issue or concern that has arisen for you, and develop an exposition of some approaches to that issue. The issue may be quite broad to begin with (for example, the issue of gender in relation to children’s lit; the insider/outsider debate; critical/critical race/feminist/queer issues in children’s or YA lit; race/ethnicity as a factor in response); you then need to narrow it so that you can adequately deal with it in the space of the paper. Papers should be 3-4 pages (750-1000 words) doub??????????????????????le spaced and contain at least 5 citations, three of which must come from original research.OR (whichever you prefer)Genre/Author/Illustrator Study:Take a genre that particularly interests you (such as historical fiction for children, fantasy, or realistic fiction) and explore the issues involved in responding to such a genre. Or choose an author/illustrator that interests you and discuss their work (referencing specific book titles). Papers should be 3-4 pages (750 – 1000 words) double spaced and contain at least 5 citations, three of which must come from original ??????????????????????research.

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