Part 1: Consider Pei’s article. How has American patriotism changed since the article was published? Provide an example. Part 2: The Shock of the OtherWrite a well crafted 500 word summary and thoughtful response to the film. Try to connect the content to other class material (i.e. readings, films, discussions, lecture, etc). Source: 3: Sequential Paper Section One1) Section 1: This will be a description of a particular group or a country that faces issues surrounding indigenous groups or ethnic minorities. Be sure to pick a group whose “conflicts” you feel confident you can describe at a later stage in the project. Section 1 should be 4-5 pages long and describe the group in some detail, using an anthropological perspective. The essay must follow this format and include this information:1. Economics/ Mode of Production (how people make a living)2. Social and Political Organization (may include settlements patterns, social structure, kinship, marriage and residence patterns, leadership, how decisions are made, etc.)3. Ideology / Religion / WorldviewThis section is a baseline description of the group you have chosen, prior to the conflict they experienced. Rubric for Section 1:1) Use of Research / Content of Paper (possible points: 25)______________2) Connection to subject matter of course (5)______________3) Use of sources:Appropriate academic sources (10)_____________Proper citation/documentation (5) ______________4) Writing: (Clarity and Coherence) (5)______________TOTAL______________ADDITIONAL SOURCES:, Chapters 4 – 7Maybury-Lewis, D Ethnic Groups 47-77

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