Identify two (2) genetic research methods and explain how the methods are used to study genetic factors.

philosophy writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.OPEN DIALOGUE TEN: EXISTENTIALISM AND ABSURDITY(5-6 SENTENCES PER QUESTIONAnswer the following questions accordance with the Open Dialogue instructions:1. The Book of Job (Bible) on the one hand, and Camus and Sartre on the other, reflect a stark contrast in attitude towards God and organized religion. Having said that, how might the two contrasting attitudes be reflected in their respective approaches to the following areas:A. Meaning/Meaninglessness of LifeB. Moral ResponsibilityC. Human Freedom2. How would you connect human freedom and moral decision making? If religious or non-religious views influence decision making, what would you say would be the relationship between theses religious or non-religious views on human freedom?3. Defend your understanding of the meaning of life as the right one using any of theories discussed in this course. Your answer should also include examples from real life experience.4. Evaluate another classmate’s post defense of the right life to live by explaining whether or not you agree or disagree with their position and why.SELF-EXAMINATION NINE: DUTY TO ANIMALS (THESE 2 QUESTONS SHOULD AMOUNT TO 1 AND 1/2 PAGES)Answer the questions.1. Do you think life has meaning? From your perspective, how do you define a meaningful or meaningless life? Is your life headed in one or the other direction – towards meaningfulness or meaninglessness? Are you content with the way it is going? Does life with or without meaning affect our moral decision-making? Why or why not?2. An old guru once asked, “Is man the hunter or the hunted?” How would you answer that, in terms of freedom or the lack of it vis-à-vis making moral decisions in life?SELF-EXAMINATION NINE: DUTY TO ANIMALS (1 and 1/2 pages)Answer the questions.1. What obligations or duties do we have, if any, to animals? First, state and defend your position on this issue. Next, compare and contrast objections from philosophers such as Kant and Singer who may disagree with your point of view.2. In one animal rights campaign years ago, there was a glossy poster with a beautiful female model wearing a mink coat, with blood dramatically dripping from the coat. Would you have supported the campaign poster? Why or why not, based on the ethical perspectives discussed in the course.

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