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Ms. Julie and her classroom have been busy! She has introduced so many different activities and lessons recently and her Director has been getting lots of wonderful feedback from the families. Ms. Julie is loving the time with children and has been focusing on cognitive development and how she might better support growth in this domain. At the end of the week, Ms. Julie sits down and takes a look at the files for each child. She gets to Noemi’s file and takes pause. Noemi is a happy child, who loves any hands-on activities that are happening in and out of the classroom. She participates and loves interacting with the other children. When she thinks back to the activities this week, she thinks about all of the follow-up questions Noemi asked and how she constantly wanted to know more about everything. She asked so many technical questions and Ms. Julie felt stumped a number of times, but was absolutely full of joy that Noemi was so engaged!Help Ms. Julie think through this!What does current research about brain development say about cognitive development in preschool children? Share a specific article and quote that relates to preschool children, so that Ms. Julie can get some additional support in how to best support Noemi.Does Noemi need more or less support since she seems to be so engaged and doing well with the activities and lessons?Should Ms. Julie be concerned about all of the follow-up questions Noemi had?If you were to give Ms. Julie advice on any changes or suggestions moving forward, what would it be and why?

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